7 steps to successfully introduce a DMS in the company

7 steps for successfully introducing a DMS in a business

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If you are reading this tutorial, then you probably are an entrepreneur. Maybe you have recently found out what Document Management is, or maybe you already knew something about the topic but you could not asses it thoroughly. Nonetheless, this tutorial will teach you the necessary steps to follow in order to successfully introduce a Document Management System (DMS) in your business, managing to avoid the expenditure of time and energy in shady and poorly organized activities.

The objective of this reading

Bringing a DMS in a business is nothing like installing a fancy new coffee machine in the office.

The use of a DMS requires a change in how documents are managed from all the people involved in the business’ life and, being documents (and information) an invaluable asset for every organization, this topic cannot be underestimated.

I have been working in this environment for many years and you cannot imagine how many times I have witnessed companies procrastinating their considerations (about the choice of a DMS) for months, even years, without ever reaching any conclusions.

I guess you understand what this means…

It means that one or more people have employed many of their days and their time doing something ultimately to no avail.

This, in business terms, is translated in “waste of resources”.

Here is why this tutorial is so important

A DMS is needed to eliminate inefficiencies concerning document management. Its main purpose is to optimize and give efficiency the entire management system for the company’s knowledge.

However, in order to optimize the use of a system (one that’s partly complex, as a DMS can be) it is crucial to give equal efficiency to the path leading to its choice and implementation.

This is not an entirely theoretical guide with the only purpose of promoting a product (as is usually the case while searching online), but a real “user’s manual” to be promptly put to practice in order to successfully implement this activity, with no further wastes.

Before we start

If you think you do not have time to dedicate to this activity then DO NOT go on with this reading.

As I already told you, introducing a DMS in a business is no easy feat. It can lead to great benefits (economical, organizational and productive) but it can also be a source of losses if you are not able to dedicate the due resources and energies (it is indeed an investment).

So, are you willing to invest some of your time and energies in order to obtain these benefits for your company?

If the answer is yes, then carefully read the lines below!

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